Example of SciMedia Design

1. What drew me to this particular example was the fact that the designer, Will Burtin, stayed away from designing a  literal brain. His installation has no similarity to a physical brain because his goal was not to describe that aspect. The goal was to discover the function of the brain not the form. Here he has made an interactive art installation based on the latest neuroscience of the time, which was 1960. Scientists only had a vague idea of how the brain functioned. Burtin was the first to separate form from function. This installation led to faster discoveries and idea in neuroscience. Thanks to art, science could take a step forward and begin thinking about things in a new light.

2. The abstraction is working in this piece. I have really no clue how to talk about it further since it is an interactive art installation with only a few photos to document it.

3. It would be interesting to rebuild it, but maybe make improvements . or see how much the installation matches based on modern neuroscience.