Sydney Froistad–Scientific Media Ex.




3 thoughts on “Sydney Froistad–Scientific Media Ex.

  1. As I said in class, I am in no way “science savvy” and furthermore, am terrible with web/media design. I am a clothing designer but when it comes to any computer program…I flatline. I took this class to see what exactly I am so afraid of.

    I picked these particular examples as they appeal to me, THE BEGINNER. I liked the blogs about “squibble” as they are individual depictions of the digestive system in cartoon form! What is better than a cartoon science lesson. SOLD!

    The other example is an article discussing and analyzing spontaneous human combustion. FASCINATING! I thrive on conspiracy theories and their validity in the media. This article is a great read minus a little gore.

  2. Your presentation was very interesting. Human combustion?! It’s so gruesome it surreal! Your interest in such an unsual topic may lead you to explore a side career or a new hobby. Continue on and let us all know how your human combustion research is panning out! :’)

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