What does it mean? “Research”

Research obviously has a few definitions under it”s belt, weather it be scientific research, academic research, business research or design research. There is however one item that seems to be the same in all aspects of research and that is the collecting of data and learning from what we have collected. Asking more questions about whatever the subject is and collecting more data. This collecting of data can be as easy as just observing peoples reactions when put in a certain situation or as complicated as gathering thousands of numerical entries that plot the position of a rouge astroid. What ever the case may be, this collection of data is so that we can make an educated decision about what it is we are going to accomplish, or who we are going to target for a sales add, or what type of paper we need to write in order to pass a class, after doing this “Research”. This collection of data is also the only way we can get as close to the truth as possible without making a profound statement about what the truth really is and how everyone should react to that truth.

From a designers perspective I think that we tend to use a little of all the definitions of research in order to accomplish our goal. If you going to design a poster for a concert you would obviously find out what kind of concert it is before making a decision on how to proceed. Is it a Jazz concert or a Bluegrass concert. Depending on those preliminary results you would ask more questions. What type of people listen to Jazz? Do those people also listen to Bluegrass? You might also look at posters from different time periods depending on your demographic. The research you do in going to influence your final decision as a designer. This is a simple senario and I’m sure that there is more to it that I can shed light on. The point is that you have to do research so that you can proceed accordingly. Even in our every day lives we make conscious decisions that are related to research that influence everything we do.

I found it interesting that when the UBL tried to help the people in Pakistan that they had no idea that so many people had no idea what banking was and the people who did have a clue were robbing their own people in a time of tragedy. It was really sad.


One thought on “What does it mean? “Research”

  1. Yes the common aspect in collecting data is apparent. I think the difference comes from how much data is collected, how long it is collected, and how it is used after being collected. Some fields study their subjects in order to collect data, and some fields study the data and directly apply it to their audience. A designer could use many forms or definitions of research depending on the project, target, cost, and given resources. Time period, environment, and condition are very important in research. For example: In the early 1980’s hip-hop was primarily recognized by the urban population, but now all groups of people around the world are familiar with the genre. Charity seems to always bring forth thievery. As far as the bank situation is concerned. One might think that the people in charge may have used the people’s ignorance about banking to make a profit from the service fees. Tony Brown

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