summary of research documents

A good approach to a discussion on research would be its definition. However there seems to be multiple according to what the research pertains to. The definition of research can include the gathering of data, information and facts to make an advancement in knowledge. Science uses the word research much differently. Scientific research includes a hypothesis, experimental process and specific research steps. A common connection between all research methods may be the researchers interpretation and opinion regarding their work.

Behind the multiple definitions of research is also the term “scientific method.” There seems to be a misunderstanding by the general public that this method in science is infallible, that this method is a definite and concrete resolve in research. However, this is not the case. Science does not always deal with direct answers. The problem may be that the scientific method as it is defined can not be applied to all areas as it is needed. Disciplines such as social and behavioral sciences have trouble applying the scientific method to their research due to a lack reliability and validity within their studies. What might be a more broad way to define and use the scientific method?

There are other areas of research that can be useful to problem solving and selling a product. While marketing research is often looked at as an important tool design research is an important tool as well. Design research is helpful in areas where humans are involved. Taking into account a person or society’s needs, behaviors and their different perspectives are areas of concern within design research. How does an individual experience a product or situation? This is a question that is taken into account with marketing research (which often deals strongly with numbers and figures). At times numbers and data are given too much recognition. Data and graphs can often be manipulated to the wants and needs of the researcher/analyst. The strong point of design research is the ability to recognize research does not always have a clear cut answer. Numbers and data are always changing and design research will show us that people and cultures are as well. Design research is an integral part of problem solving and understanding the world around us


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