I really enjoyed these articles explanations regarding storytelling. Making storytelling applicable to all realms of our world simplifies things – we no longer need to fret with lengthy explanations, instead we can just tell a story. 

This was especially wonderful when considering science. It changed my perspective. I am not of fan of following the recipe. I like to spice it up. Make it better. In compliance with the recipe of the scientific method… it’s best to save the seasoning for later. However, making storytelling a part of science takes it out of science all together. I don’t feel suffocated by the weight and exactitude science carries. Now, I feel as though this is art. Similar to our explorations in class, scientific storytelling abides by constraints.

So it’s the same recipe, but in a different context. And this context seems better. 


3 thoughts on “Storytelling

  1. I agree that science and the theories or explanations that come from science can be overwhelming to say the least making it hard for the laymen to grasp ahold of the concepts brought forth in a sensible manor. Visualization of data is a bridge that allows people to connect with that data and hopefully understand what they are looking at. It’s an exciting time when it comes to the combination of art and science and I look forward to being apart of that.

  2. Indeed, storytelling utilized in science enriches the scientific pricnciples, explorations and findings. In addition, people are more intriqued when they can relate to the story that is being told and also people like to use their imagination when possible.

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