sum up of storytelling articles

As described in the article “Science as a Storytelling” scientific storytelling does start off with a structure and there is a number of “rules” that help develop a good scientific story including reproducibility, predictive power, prospects for improvement, naturalism, uniformitarianism, simplicity, and harmony. With these tools scientists can create stories that explain observations of the natural world, and that can be useful for controlling and predicting nature. How does all this apply to us? As scientific media and design students we must find ways to make scientific storytelling useful not just to scientist but the general public as well. Scientific storytelling using visualization can do just that, however it is not simple. There is a fine line between informing the audience with data/information and boring them to death. This is where the importance of an engaging story comes in. With this the audience can be led and guided through visual information. Another valuable way to create a lasting impression on one’s audience is to make their learning experience interactive. People whom are interested in learning do not always wanted to be handed information, sometimes they like to discover things for themselves. I believe the most interesting aspect of these articles (because I am not interested in trying to sum up alllll the main points of these two articles) is the concept of (as an artist and designer) being able to work as a team to create fun and exciting scientific media. It would be very engaging to work with scientists and artists to create a story about scientific discovery the public could understand and appreciate.


3 thoughts on “sum up of storytelling articles

  1. I’m not interested in a summing up of all the main points of the articles either. 🙂

    I agree that the team collaboration was important and indeed it was one of the things I hoped you would take away from this. Cheers!

  2. Agreed! It would absolutely be interesting to see/hear/be a part of an actual story regarding a scientific discovery! It is absolute torture watching a video of space and the planets with a flat melodramatic voice talking about “the beginning of time…” barf. Lets do a cartoon! Class project?

  3. Collaboration is fun from the scientist perspective as well. When you are really interested and knowledgeable in a subject it is hard to see how boring it can be to someone else when you get over technical. Having an outside view makes it easy to go back and share what got you so interested in the first place and also renews your own interest.

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