The Science of Storytelling


If science is the art of experimentation then science is also the process of learning in the hopes of advancing ones current knowledge. B.R. Bickmore’s paper talks about experimenting, coming up with theories and collecting data by observation as it pertains to science of the natural world. There are many definitions of what science is, and there are many ways to tell a story. Since science explanations are always subjected to change then there will always be a new story to tell. Obtaining data gives science the ability to use story telling to predict the future. There is an old story about how the Egyptians used their knowledge of astronomy to control the masses. They would tell the public stories of how they could control the Sun and Moon, and that they could black out the sun. When a predicted solar eclipse came about the people were in awe.  People by nature are observers of every aspect of life, but the observation is not considered scientific unless it is, replicable. In most cases the rare observations are ruled out because they lack the quantity of instances to experiment on. Predictions are also a way to get to the truth. Experimenting with the predicted ending of the story can result in the validity of newfound knowledge. The science of story telling is composed of explanations that are flexible, realistic, habitual, challenging while harmonious, contrary to the supernatural and must be delivered in a simple term so that humans can conceive its particulars. New developments in visual story telling will revolutionize the ability to teach science. Visualization makes it easier to demonstrate procedures, processes, dimensions, and perspectives of any given science aspect. This tool can be used in schools, museums, labs, and hospitals.  It can be used to dramatize a story or allow for interactions. “Imaging being able to learn the circulatory system with a hologram image instead of the flat pages of a two dimensional text.  Scientific story telling is in the dawn of its next experimentation as we refine the new technologies that aid us in telling a great story. Anthony Brown


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