Signing for BEARS

This reading is centered on its keywords: attention, communication, national parks, vividness, mindfulness, non-personal interpretation, and signs. Here we have the process of improving communication at state parks through signage. The subject is about the interaction of Bears and Humans caused by the inadequate storage of food and scented products. The issue is what would be the best style, technique, and context used to accomplish an effective communication that would be engaging initially and holding ones attention long enough to get the point across. Attention factors were used to override a persons attention schemes and have them gravitate to the signs. Hopefully these stimuli combined with a strong textual content will hold a person long enough to absorb pertinent information. There were four styles used: humor, telepathic, narrative, and moral. They were placed in several places at different times. The results were mixed leaving one to think that the best strategy is to have a mixture of signs throughout the campground. This will assure that every type of visitor will be influenced by the information at some time during their stay. Vividness is a key component because of its distinction, striking, and attentive graphics. The use of empathy appeals to most visitors and is effectively used when factual information follows it. Through multiple test and interviews no one thing stood out superior to the other. It might be a good strategy to place regulatory signs in places such as check in points and bathroom stalls because these are areas that people are forced to be stationary for a period of time. Other signs can be place around recreational areas, camp sites, and trials where people are more relaxed and may gravitate to more humorous and lighthearted messages. In any case it is important to use all available techniques to keep those bears away. Anthony Brown



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