Evaluating Yosemite Park Bear Sign Effectiveness

Comparitive Evaluation of the Attention Capture and Holding Power of Novel Signs Aimed at Park Visitors

It is apparent that rangers and other staff members of Yosemite National Park along with researchers have been prompted by deaths of bears,  familiarity that bears are have acquired with humans and people’s grief as an aftermath of bear intrusion to brainstorm methods and techniques to make campers/visitors more cognisant of their mindlessness towards bears behavior and their hunting habits. Assuming that Black bears hunt both during the day and night can sense food miles away, have intruded camp grounds, broken car windows and invaded tents cause split emotional reactions in rangers/staff.

Rangers are faced with the agony that the consequence for black bears (and other bear species) that invade, hurt, harm,  humans are susceptible to fearleness towards humans Bears fearlessness behavior towards humans can possibly cause aggressiveness, that results in uncomfortable perilouis camping grounds/trails ( Upper Pines, Curry Village, Wilderness Trailhead, etc) for both Yosemite Park Visistors,and rangers. With this in mind, rangers are required to make the decision to euthanize bears that have intruded camp grounds that harmed humans and/or consumed human food. On the contrary, rangers would not be faced with this unpleasant decision if visitors were to keep their food in lockers to shield the bears from obtaining food and other toiletries.

After reading this article I have a better understanding of how importatnt is to keep food and other toilitries and items that bears can smell in impenetrable lockers. My prediction was that people were not going to spend more than 10 seconds on each sign due to the human attention span, but the sign that invoked more pension was the first sign- Attention Humans! Out of all the other signs this sign prompted me to think about the predicament the bears were in, how the park was their natural habitat and how they shouldn’t be punished for their selvester instincts. Likewise,  MyBear Story was the most effective because humans could relate to Troy’s bear experience. All in all, factors that the researchers manipulated such as sign color, location,  and intention of message should in the futre invoke more mindfulness of campers to prpoperly store all of their comestibles, toilitries, and items bears are attracted to; to  prevent bears from satiety to human food resulting in death, and to eschew the preventable aftermath of people having to clean up behind bears, repair vehicles, and disrupt the natural equilibrium of the bears’ ecosystem.


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