The Power of Signs

This was a very interesting paper and I was intrigued by the process in which the study was held. I thought that there would have been some symbols to generate responses as opposed to just text but the results were interesting none the less. Maybe there should be a study that looks at how symbols can communicate vividness and attention to generate a desired response and to be more mindful. I think that having all of the signs the same color had an impact on the results of the study and that if there were different colors introduced they might have different results and or reactions to those signs. It doesn’t surprise me that the sign that told a story was at the top of the results at the end of this study. It seemed to conjure up images that would resonate longer than just text which in return impacts the desired message that was being conveyed.

I have never been to Yosemite but I am a native to Colorado and highly enjoy our wonderful backyard so to speak. I have camped all over this state and I can’t say that I have payed much attention to any of the signs unless it was directly in front of where my destination was at that time and then I would only skim over the content to see if there was any information that wasn’t considered common knowledge or relevant to my activities at that time. I do recall some signs when I was a child that had symbols of bears and trash cans and I seem to remember those signs as opposed to signs I’ve skimmed over even this very year but maybe that’s just me and maybe I’m more of a visual learner.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Signs

  1. symbols used to be very important to travelers. My boyfriend purchased an entire book on symbols and their relevance. The timeline goes from mid evil times to modern day hitchhiker signs.

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