connecting design thinking to scientific media and design

When I reflect on the idea of Design thinking, the image of a renaissance man pops into mind. An inventor of sorts but not one that hides in his shed creating weird potions and odd useless gadgets but rather a collaborator. Design thinking is the creation of new ideas and strategies based on the needs of a culture or people and it is done so with a team of experts and team members looking at multiple facets of a situation. It is a process for problem-solving: define an issue, research the issue, ideate or brainstorm solutions, prototype, choose, implement, and learn what could possibly be improved. ( I am not sure this would be the best example, but I do believe Design thinking could be connected to scientific media in the work that Travis Vermilye provided for the conjoined twins Mohamed and Ahmed Ibrahim. The defined issue was trying to find a way to separate these twin boys safely under surgery, much research was done by doctors, scientists, artists to determine whether or not the boys could be safely separated, brainstorming solutions included the work of Travis’ models to assist doctors to get the best possible view and route for a surgical procedure. His models and visuals also gave doctors a chance to practice possible ways to approach surgery without having to place more physical burdens on the twins before hand. Mr. Vermilye’s work was an integral part of a team effort to improve the lives of these children and possibly others in the future. As seen in this example, Design thinking is a team effort.


2 thoughts on “connecting design thinking to scientific media and design

  1. I liked your Renaissance man comparison! Design thinking is absolutely a collaborative way to provide information and solutions. I look at it as the “middle man” between the problem and the solution. Without the middle man, no solution would be possible! I also used Travis’s example of his designs that allowed the separation of Mohamed and Ahmed. I couldn’t think of a more fitting example of design thinking than creating exact models of the two boys in order for the doctor to see the exact places where he was able to operate! Seriously the coolest thing ever. Great response!

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