Design Thinking and What it means to me!

I believe that design thinking is some thing that should be taken seriously by all designers whether they are fresh out of school or seasoned vets of the trade. Design thinking is critical to solving problems on a human level and incorporating the human needs and wants into the design. Thinking outside the box while still standing inside of it to convey a solution to the task at hand. I think it was Tim Brown who said it’s not just putting something pretty around something technical or something along those lines. It’s a process that involves careful examination and research, compassion and ethics, so that the design touches the soul of the viewer and creates an environment that the viewer can not only relate too but can also learn from and then pass that knowledge on to others. It’s thinking critically about the design and how that design is going to effect people or help people or educate people before just pumping out the first thing that comes to mind as if to satisfy the hungry public for more technology and desired expectations. Design thinking to me is a means to relate to the target audience on a conscious level and create something that will benefit that audience or at least keep them intrigued for a little while.

Design thinking as it pertains directly to Science or Scientific media is I think crucial in many ways and as I think about the question of how it relates to science I find myself thinking of NASA’s latest endeavor. Curiosity, that’s the name of the mars rover that is roaming the red planet. I can only imagine how much “Design Thinking” went into that piece of hard ware.  How many ideas were conceived and rejected in order to satisfy all the scientists and there agendas. All the Ideas, research and planning that went into creating something that is now collecting data on an other planet. Now that’s thinking outside the box while still holding on to the human needs and wants. Even the name Curiosity grabs the publics attention while perfectly fitting the concept of what every individual on earth has thought about what is beyond our world. Maybe I’m wrong about the name and it was thought up over a cup of coffee in the break room but I would like to think that there was some serious design thinking going on. I believe that design thinking can only improve the way that we see things, how we use things and how we educate each other, not just for huge NASA projects but for every aspect of science. Being able to convey a message and teach some one some thing that they might not have had an interest in or might not have understood previously is what  I think it is all about.

David McCandless Information is beautiful is awesome. I really enjoyed looking at his visuals and how they sent an educated message to the viewer. Really cool stuff. If you havent checked out the work he’s done you should because it’s a great example of Design thinking and how to get a point across in a visual and artistic manner.


4 thoughts on “Design Thinking and What it means to me!

  1. “Design thinking is critical to solving problems on a human level and incorporating the human needs and wants into the design”. AMAZING! I could not have put it better! Solving problems on a human level is crucial, especially with scientific media design. Most scientific designers will be creating resolutions for patients and doctors alike. THEY ARE ACTUAL PEOPLE. If we can not communicate on an empathetic level, how might our solution be effective to a person? Great post!

  2. Your post captured my attention. Indeed your thoughts about how design thinking is critical to solving problems is paramount to design thinking; and how the science can penetrate all audiences by relying on past inventors and independent thinkers who were sensitive to the needs of people. Well done.

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