Design thinking

After gather some information from ted talks and whatnot I came to the consensus that design thinking is centered around asking questions and translating these questions into answers with design. To come across these answers, one ought to design with their audience or specific client.

This idea of design thinking overlaps with scientific media design in many ways, but most often in the realm of healthcare. Healthcare is at its peak… however, we are still striving to make it even better. This can be easily done if we apply design thinking. A question like, how can I give my patient a better experience without medication? is a great starting point. The answer, per design thinking, would come from patient interaction. Often times people associate negative feelings with hospitals. Thus, another question arises: why are these negative feelings omnipresent? 

From here we can even integrate other subjects, such as psychology and communications to effectively evaluate the question.

So now we have another idea behind design thinking. It’s asking questions, then answering them with design shaped by different ways of thinking i.e. scientifically, psychologically and sociologically.


3 thoughts on “Design thinking

  1. The idea of preventative care is great. Medications are given out without batting an eye because hospitals are not concerned with their patients’ health, but kickbacks from insurance companies. Why do doctors recommend healthy diets and exercise only to people who are diabetic? Shouldn’t we have started a long time ago?

  2. All encompassing care is something i had not thought of earlier with design thinking. Humans have many concerns when it comes to their health. Someone could have cancer but with that they have many other concerns besides the overall one step solution of chemotherapy. there is psychological support for that individual and their family, financial issues, if they recover/go into remission there is the choice of how to go on with ones life in a healthier manner. Could programs be created include all this and would it be considered design thinking?

  3. Using design to translate a problem into answers is a great definition of design thinking that can apply to many different areas including science. As an engineer, the problem based approach is often used more than a solution based one. Using both perspectives allows for many more ideas to be generated.

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