Scientific Storytelling

Scientific Storytelling using Visualization by Kwan-Liu and others was an interesting read. Never in a billion years would I have had thought that science was a tool  of storytelling. In addition, the most captivating aspect of the article was how science is used as interactively in science museums. Yes, the The Museum of Nature and Science utilizes interactive visualization, but it’s fascinating now to know that this science environment provides more of a learning atmosphere incapable of simulating in a classroom. Additionally, the hands- on activities allow the  spectators” become “spect-actors” ( the terminology of Augusto Boal). As a result, people are incorporating dexterity skills with learning which can promote cohesive learning. All in all, Scientific Storytelling was an interesting article that introduced me to scientific ways to tell a story.



Scientific Storytelling using Visualization. Kwan-Liu Ma, and others. 2012



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