Creative Thinking

I enjoyed the TED videos. They can really put things in perspective. I liked how all of the speakers talked about embracing one’s creative side and moving forward with the notion that creativity is as important as any other educational topic. Creativity is a crucial part of our development and I agree with the speaker who said that we’ve been trained to grow out of our ability to be creative. I’m not sure which speaker said that or if that’s exactly how it was said  but it’s true none the less. Forgive me but I am terrible with names. The story about the lady who grew up to be a dancer and producer is a great example of not hindering one’s creative side. I mean how many people in this world have been put on medication because they were hard to handle as kids.

I can directly relate to the guy who built houses out of the scrap materials because in a life time previous to the one I’m living now I was in the construction industry for just over twenty years and he’s right on point when he said there is an enormous amount of waste because of our need to have things perfect and our need to base things on previous accomplishments. I’ve seen $10,000 pieces of granite thrown in the dumpster because the client didn’t like the placement of a natural crack or because once it was installed its color tone wasn’t what they expected. I know that it sounds extreme and anal but it happens.I once took two pallets of sod, enough to resod half of my front yard at the time because the grass wasn’t green enough for the home owner and they were going to through it in the dumpster. A case of beer for a few friends and five hours of labor and I had a new front yard. We live in a cookie cutter type of world and we have to keep up with the Jones and I think that is sad. I really like some of the things he has done and how creative his work is. It is inspiring to me to see how someone irrational thoughts and actions can be used to create something useful for someone else.

My computer started having some issues so I didn’t get all of the content in the first video but the first speaker said something about “guided mastering” and I thought that was an interesting. I’ll have to try to watch it again to find out what he was talking about. Unfortunately the problems continued and I was only able to hear part of the last video as well but what I got from it was that people separate art from science and vise versa and that we need to combine the two areas of study and that the ideas that we have now will lay the foundation for us in the future. That any of our creative ideas have the possibility to shape our world and that whether they are artistic or scientific in nature that they should not be discarded.


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