Natural Creativity


I enjoyed the speakers on David Kelly’s interesting talk about the designs of nature was right on point. Why don’t we look at the adaptable designs of nature? After all nature is the master designer that has been at it since time itself. It has tested and explored every given scenario of beauty, movement, density, purpose, destruction and construction that we could imagine. Even with natures constraints animals are able to go anywhere and bio mimicry proved to be a successful way to go in building robots (scientific design). It would be beneficial for science design to be inspired by nature’s plans and not try to recreate the wheel. One good example is the invention of Velcro from the design of burrs of a plants seed sack.

Mae Jemison speaks of research as being a formalized curiosity, or otherwise turning over rocks intentionally to see what you can discover. I think that as children we do that automatically, buy we slow down as we get older and have enough functional knowledge to get us by. Another point was made about revitalizing the arts and sciences with a new direction that will set a foundation for the upcoming generations. This would be a great creative opportunity for science designers to construct new learning tools for education.

All things are defined by science and art, so one should not be absent of the other. Jemison says that science and arts are just different manifestations of the thing.

Personalized teaching is a subject that we just dealt with in our last class. Sir Ken Robinson thinks that most people make poor use of their talents. The educational structure is too linear and many creative and intellectual attributes are not nurtured in life. Our greatest resources are ourselves, but the multitude of tools and machines has made society forget that. This is another challenge for science designers to come up with educational applications that will encourage the connection with living out a scientific equation as we learn it. In other words, make the given problem more relative to real life situations.

In this wasteful society being creative with existing materials is a step in the right direction. Dan Phillips is a man with a similar attitude as mine in regards to using found things to create. This summer I started building a shed out of things I could find. Even though there was not blueprint it still took an apollonian approach that came straight from my head, and a natural aesthetic was the end product. It was nice to see that I wasn’t the only strange builder around. He spoke of how we create waste because we create things to fit our needs, instead of using things that exist to fit our needs. Anthony Brown





2 thoughts on “Natural Creativity

  1. It made me kind of sad and scared at the same time when Sir Ken Robinson said that now a days degrees are useless. I hope that thats not the case for designers. Is there anyone else who feels the same way as me?
    All of the speakers were very informative and funny and made me really think about Education, Creativity, Potential, Design Thinking, Creative processes and the future of our world and how we have the chance to be apart of influencing the direction we head.

  2. Your words about Personalized Teaching are profound. As one is aware of, the teacher most of the time can not a personalized teaching plan for each child. Yet, the mother or the caretaker of the parent can do so and that is when children come home and work on their tailored personal teaching program such as: extra arithmetic problems, science projects, grammar, etc. This is Personalized Teaching. If this plan isn’t realistic for the working parent, then the parent can search for a school that encourages individual personal teaching plans for their child. Children are not only our present but they are also our future. Well done.


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