Ted rocks my socks

These videos were amazing!! I particularly liked the video from Dan Philips. His work with scraps and landfill material was truly a work of art! What an inspiration! His description of human consumption in regards to vanity allowed me to really step back and look at how much we spend just to “look a part”. When the next cutting edge device comes out or our neighbor builds a house twice the size of ours, we trash and throw away in order to “one up” those people. Not everything has to be wildly expensive in order to look beautiful or unique. Sometimes the beauty lies in the quarckyness or uniqueness. The Budweiser house depicts this perfectly. This man was truly inspiring.

Since I love humor, I found sir Ken Robinson very light while also being informative. Education is absolutely incapable of preparing students for the future for the mere fact that not one single person knows what is to come. We have predictions in how the economy will turn out depending on presidential election, but how can we truly equip a young person for the unknown. Ken also stated the fact that we focus so much more on the basics of math and science and history, but why can’t we equally focus on dance or music…”we all have bodies”. Why can’t we uniquely educate students in a way that they will individually respond to at every age and walk of life? Would it better prepare them for the future?

The David Kelly video would probably most apply to this class and what we have discussed thus far since it describes the balance between science and patient reality. David said a majority of children that had to get an m.r.i. scan had to be subdued because they were so terrified of the machine. The creator of the MRI machine was saddened that he created something that was intended to heal and inform yet people were terrified of his very invention. He then created a scene in which kids thought they were on some type of ride at an amusement park. He was creatively designing and creatively thinking in order to better his design but also to better peoples experience. He bridged science and design through empathy.


2 thoughts on “Ted rocks my socks

  1. I agree about how good these videos were. This was to most entertaining and absorbing Blog assignment thus far. Dan Philips is an inspiration to found art projects. We are even vain about our residences, why is it that people must have a plush green lawn in desert towns during a drought? Can you imaging the volume of water used on golf courses. The school system is designed to develop half a human. It feeds our intellect but not our bodies and souls (creativity). It takes all of these things to make a well-rounded person. A well-rounded education is like a well-developed design, it does the job but there is always room to improve and modify.

  2. Sir Ken Robinson is hilarious. That man should be a comedian. He was very informative too. I like what he said about all of us are born artists and that we grow out of being creative as we get older. Its is discouraging that our education system doesn’t embrace the arts as much as they should which is funny because every thing you see and wear and buy started out as a creative idea and then was created into something substantial. May be we should all be on medication and never have a rational or creative thought and never amount to anything. I’m not saying that people on medication never amount to anything either I’m just being sarcastic.

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