A day late friend’s thoughts on creativity

These videos were extremely engaging! I was glued to the screen watching each one. All of the perspectives regarding creativity explored were unique and well thought out, and the common tie of creativity expressed fluidity. Good stuff.

Thoughts? A few…

I’m one of those people stuck between what’s real and not real… if that doesn’t make sense, allow me to clarify: I have a difficult time distinguishing my own thoughts and opinions, and my influenced thoughts and opinions. I’m not sure if there’s a god, yet there is a tiny part of me that might believe. Is this because I was raised in a religious setting? Because I was taught to believe, perhaps even brainwashed into thinking so? That’s my deal. This identity crisis I possess goes hand and hand with what Sir Robinson was discussing. He introduced the possibility of schools sucking the creativity out of their students. This couldn’t be more wrong, he thinks, because art and math are equally important.

I call bullshit. Why? Because I honestly value math more? Or because the hierarchy of subjects dictates this so?

I can’t give an honest answer!

Because of this constant struggle between real and not real, I buy into what Robinson was conceptually demonstrating. As we grow older we are too concerned with rights and wrongs, because we’ve been conditioned to think wrongs will drain us. Rather it could be the rights that are draining us. Literally draining our creative potential.

Children are immune to this trap. Through elementary, choosing a path is not about the outcome; it’s about possibility. The choice is driven by curiosity, not reason. And that gets me thinking: cats. A curious animal, and one that’s been around for quite some time. One of the video mentions something about humans exhausting the world for about 50 years then dying out, while, sans humans, animals could exhaust the world for 50 years and manage to flourish. Is the explanation behind this flourishing an absence of reason? In regards to the cat, an absence of reason and presence of curiosity? Maybe… maybe…

The other videos were excellent as well. Building confidence through creativity – again, trying not to rob children of that early on – as well as using creativity to eliminate waste, and meshing creativity and science. These ideas are pure and well executed as seen through the modified MRI machine, the beer tap faucet (awesome) and Jemison herself (the astronaut, dancer, chemical engineer, absolute insomniac…). All of these executions, however, ought to be round one. And I’d like to see round two go even bigger.


One thought on “A day late friend’s thoughts on creativity

  1. I am interested in exploring sir Ribinson’s idea that art and other subjectsof study are equally important. Education after Highschool seems to be mostly focused around needs and jobs. He also mentioned that our eduction system is going to have to change in the future . How are job needs going to effect that change? Will there really be jobs for the “ideal” of what we wish to do in life? or are we fooling ourselves? its not that i disagree or agree but im curious how exactly he thinks our education system will change. I also know that we have that power to influence that and i most definitely would include the development of creativity in all subjects

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