Candid Opinion about the TED Speakers

My opinion about the TED speakers, David Kelly, Sir Ken Robinson, and Mae Thompsons’ is simple- they’re brilliant! Besides that these people are beyond humble, courageous, and forthcoming about ways to maximize not only children’s potential, but adults as well. I agree that most people with the exception of a few, lack confidence. Therefore, the lack of confidence results in minimal creativity. In conjunction to this Einstein quoted that “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” In my opinion the most creative people are not just smart, and intuitive, but they are creative because they give themselves permission to be just that.

Furthermore, I agree that the rigorous school work load children are bombarded with does hamper their creativity. Just think, children come home from an eight hour school day, complete roughly 1-2 ½ hours of homework, and maybe participate in extracurricular activities for 1-2 hours, bathe, eat, and hit the hay. How can they carve out any time to be creative, to daydream, to be curious, or to create/invent with their minds when their only realistic free time is when they are in REM sleep? Indeed, the less homework, more creative thinking projects, and tasks will enhance and allow children’s innate creative side to blossom and develop. From this development children will be more confidence, more intelligent, and have a greater sense of purpose in their life just by the mere fact that probably the first time in their life they didn’t take orders from adults or their parents, but that they invented and created something beneficial and special from the greater parts of their being J

Lastly, Mae Thompsons’ speech about art, sciences, intuition, and logic is long overdue! All along, I have thought that art, science, intuition and logic are paramount factors of a wholesome education. Let me break this down. Art enables creativity, relaxation, and self- love, science molds the brain and strengthens it to form new neuron connections which enhances memory, intuition is somewhat controversial to scientists because they intuition can’t be scientifically studied or relied upon, but bypass this postulation and consider how intuition can be a guide for everyone when logic fails or is uncertain,; finally, logic grants the child to solve a problem by following a methodical process that will enable them to solve other problems they may encounter with a set of rules that are effective. Now, put all of this together and you have a wholesome, confident, and creative, inspired, child that will first be a leader to themselves but also to their peers, family and eventually the world!

If parents, educators, and those far and in between will be courageous and take the first step to think for themselves, and have the gumption to be effective independent thinkers, humans will reach their highest potential.



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