project summary

I believe that health related behaviors, including choosing food, are culturally determined. Going off of what the Framing Science blog had to say, culture is the medium through which people make sense of the world and use as a guide for decisions. The recognition of the effect of culture on health-related behaviors has motivated health professionals to look deeper at this issue. It is an issue of communicating complex scientific information–proteins, carbohydrates, calories, minerals, vitamins and the interaction with the body. People are confused about what to eat, most think that avoiding fat is the way to go when they are avoiding good and healthy fats. People also think protein is a core part of a healthy diet, when this obsession with meat is causing even more problems by effecting the environment. There is an ever changing national nutritional guidance makes it hard to know what to believe. So when it comes to making decisions about food, consumers today rely on their own research rather than expert opinions. But sadly, this research is not leading to well-informed or health-promoting food choices.


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