Can’t drink the water!!!

I must have missed something in class last week because I don’t know what articles every one is reading and talking about and I can’t find anything about them on blackboard or web mail. Oh well.

I do however want to talk about contaminated water supplies. I see crap being dumped all the time in our streets that go directly into our sewers and I’m not sure that our current water treatment plants can handle the waste. Now I’m obviously no expert in this area and don’t know a lot about that sort of thing but what I do know is that where I live I don’t drink the water, I only drink bottled water if possible. The water that comes out of the tap just doesn’t taste right to me. Maybe I’m paranoid but I’m not the first person that has drunk from the tap at my house and complained about the taste. Sometimes it taste like dirt and sometimes it tastes like how ammonia and chlorine smell. I would like to find out why the water is so bad where I live. I’ll try to say this in a nice way that isn’t to condescending but there are a lot if illegal aliens up and around where I live and like I said before I see crap being put in the gutter all the time. Mainly when they are working on their cars. Now I understand that people need to fix their own vehicles from time to time and I have certainly done so myself on occasion but I’ve always tried to make sure not to let my cars toxic fluids run all over the ground but in my neighborhood they don’t seem to care about that sort of thing. The other problem is that we live in town houses and there are alley ways between sections of units for people to access their units. We are on a hill and without a doubt on trash day there is always something from someones trash that is leaking down into the sewer. Now I could be an ass and raise a bunch of hell and make it difficult for my family to continue living there but it wouldn’t have any real impact on whats happening and I don’t think my little section of the “American Dream” is the only place being polluted. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I can”t drink my water and I want to know how our water treatment plants process the water  and how there might be a better way of cleaning up the water. Theres an oxymoron for you “cleaning up the water when we use water to clean”.


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