Green Chemistry

I really enjoyed the articles this week! In particular, I found Gestalt’s principles interesting. More so the debate associated with them regarding perspective. That bit about the validity of perspective literally blew my mind. I love questioning things like perspective and reality. I also liked visiting the basic design principles. I don’t think I’ve seen those since my middle school art class, and certainly not to that extent. 

For our upcoming project I have decided to research green chemistry.

When I think of chemistry, the only negative association that comes to mind is endless lab reports and excruciating details. The positive aspects are much more apparent. Chemistry is intellectual… it’s reformation… it’s an explanation… it’s a catalyst in societal progress… all of these things. However, amid these wonderful things, chemistry is also destructive. Hazardous chemicals pollute our environment extensively. Fortunately, there is another great thing about chemistry to counteract this: chemistry is innovative. This innovation is demonstrated through green chemistry. A type of chemistry that promotes the use of reactants in lower concentration and toxicity by means of preventing harmful waste, rather than simply treating waste. In addition, green chemistry aims to be more cost effective. These are just a few of the underlying principles of green chemistry.

The implementation of green chemistry is necessary for the advancement of our education, as well as a clean and healthy planet!

The concept of green chemistry extends to green engineering. I may incorporate this angle as well.


One thought on “Green Chemistry

  1. Like your post. It relates to mine and how bad the water tastes where I live I often wonder how water treatment plants clean the water and what types of chemicals are being used and if these chemicals aren’t polluting the water as well. Maybe green chemistry could be a possible solution or at least a place to start when it comes to our water supply.

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