Living with Light Rail

Colorado, being one of the fastest growing populations in the country is in need of a massive transportation system. Colorado’s answer to this problem is an inner city light rail system. There can be a great benefit to having a train system throughout the city, but the locations of railways and stops must be carefully planned out. There are over thirty stations and about five lines so far with a large-scale construction project for additional lines in progress. The existing problem is how dangerous are these light-rail trains to pedestrians and automobile traffic. Are the safety measures, lights warning signals, signs and railway crossings adequate enough to keep a safe separation of train and humans. Just this morning while turning onto Ninth St. into the campus, there was no signal until the last minute when a train rolled straight through. This mishap with the train signal could have cost me my life. How can we develop a more secure warning system to prevent potentially tragic accidents? There have been many accidents since the light rail. How can we make human traffic, automobile traffic, and light rail traffic coexist in a safer way?


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