benefits of eating less meat

So i picked this subject because there are many implications to eating meat. My main goal is not to stop people from eating meat but to find a way to lower meat consumption in America. My main objective is not to have my audience focus on the thought that they must restrict their meat intake but to make it something a little more enjoyable. Personally, while researching i could not even bare to watch some of the documentaries on factory farming. It is too depressing to talk about how they treat animals in factory farms and so i think it would be better to focus on the positives. How can eating less meat be a fun group/family activity? im still working on finding my target audience but i would say they are individuals who are unaware of the environmental and health effects of eating abundant amounts of meat (Americans eat meat at three times the global average) and/or people at a disconnect with the environment and their food. One source i read stated wealth is the largest determinant of meat consumption. I definitely need to acquire a few more sources but here is a start:


Public Health Nutrition “Trends in Meat Consumption”

The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollen

Land Degradation


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