For 10/11
I found the provided articles to be relevant, interesting, and thought provoking. The cooperation of four different professions in the final paper was especially inspiring; as our society advances, many of the lines between areas of thinking are becoming blurred. The results of this are seriously fascinating.
The articles got me thinking about local social, health, and environmental issues that I’m passionate about and that would translate well into design. I decided to direct my focus on police brutality in Denver. In the past decade, and especially in recent years, police brutality has been a real and embarrassing problem in this city. I became especially fired up about the issue when a former classmate of mine posted pictures of her injured brother, Alex Landau, after he was brutalized by Denver cops. Alex made an illegal left turn by mistake and was pulled over. He and his friends complied with the cops requests to frisk them and search the cab of the car, but refused their demand to search the trunk. He was beaten by three cops who bludgeoned him with their flashlights and radios. One of the cops who beat him had previously been involved in another case of police brutality. A quick search will pull up a rather shocking amount of information about incidents and settlements involving police brutality in our city.

For 10/18
The design question I came up with for this topic is:
How can I encourage the general public, especially young adults, to take responsibility and action towards bettering Denver’s police force?

Research Citations:

Westword: Alex Landau
Huffington Post: Denver Over $1million in Police Brutality Settlements
Westword: Cowboy Sub-Culture
9news: Denver Settles Another Police Brutality Case
Mountain Legal: Another Day of Police Brutality
Red, Green, & Blue: Police Brutality at Occupy Denver
Denver Post: A Blow Against Police Brutality

(accidentally clicked “save to drafts” instead of “publish” on this last night… sleepiness can do straaange things)


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