Le Midterm Projecto

I have done a lot of random researching about grocery stores and food labels in general to try to narrow my question down to a single idea…difficult to say the least. I researched the following to see if I could maintain a “macro” scope while still having a clear and precise question.

1. Basic Nutrition Label-understanding it, what it entails and why. “The Dummies Guide”

2. King Soopers Store Info-basic set up, community etc

3. Wholefoods-basic set up, community, health tips

4. Sunflower Market (aka Sprouts)-store info, recipe ideas, community outreach

5. FDA-regulatory guidelines, how to regulate, etc

6. Possible label improvements in the future?

I am still waiting to speak with Managers from nearby supermarkets to learn more about the particular market’s setup, but am very intrigued with the variety of differences between health food markets. Certain foods are sold in one place and not the other…merely because the label is different but the food contents are EXACTLY the SAME!!

My question as of this moment is: “How do we design a supermarket that is “user friendly” while also encouraging healthy eating without much outside knowledge necessary.”

I am going to continue to toy with my question, but I feel like the overall perspective is relatively clear: Get people to eat healthy without even thinking about it or merely because its “the in thing”. Very hipster.


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