Skin Cancer Awareness



Below are some poster ideas for Skin cancer awareness and checking for Colorado.  The first couple focus on young active men, since they are more likely to ignore cancer that could result in damage or death.  Then I also included one geared toward young women that sunbathe. A humorous poster is also included. Lastly is an idea for free sunscreen dispensers to be distributed at schools, parks, outdoor fitness locations, and at the ski slopes.  Bathrooms would work for this or one main large display at trail heads ect.  If you want to check out the app I made with Andromo, select the following link on your android phone.

Save your Skin is now ready for download.
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One thought on “Skin Cancer Awareness

  1. Audrey, your posters are great! I like the element of humor that some of them have, and I think the choice of imagery fits the demographics that you mentioned very well. I have a few suggestions: Be careful using red type on color and/or dark backgrounds as it is often very hard to read, especially in printed pieces. For the elephant skin sunscreen dispenser (good idea!) you might consider a less bold type style in white rather than red and black. Then you might be able to remove the grayed-out area as I think it is a little misleading. Great, great work.

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