Th website of the Organization for Bat Conservation currently appeals to a fairly narrow audience. The nature of the information provided on their website would appeal mostly to people who already care about the conservation of bats. The dwindling of the bat population, especially due to white nose syndrome, is a major issue that will affect all of us. Not enough people are aware of that.

Changing the design and accessibility of information on their website could result in a broader audience and a higher level of public awareness. The question is, how can we change this design so that it becomes more appealing, but still retains the important and accurate information provided?

My first decision was to change two key things: the color scheme and the header. Neither stands on their own and they certainly don’t go with each other. There are a few different directions which I’m considering taking with the colors:
1. Make it clean, simple, and efficient- mostly white with a few bold color accents
2. Make it dark and in sort of a “Batman” color scheme- because people relate batman with awesome.
The question is, which will be more visually appealing to a wider variety of people?

My second decision was to create a hook. Many people, myself included, find Rob and the Organization’s work with bats to be quite interesting, but not as many know about the important role bats play in our ecosystem. One approach to this is to
Create a homepage or video on the issue and encourage it to go viral.
-Promote it on social networking sites, have it be really funny or sad, or have it talk about how the loss of bats effects                       us directly.



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