A Bats Web

Bats Web Why should people care about the plight of Bats and their deminising population due to white nose syndrome? The first and most common reason to care is because what bats do for pest control of flying insects. Bats eat thousands to millions of flying insects each night keeping their populations at a balance. There is nothing more annoying to the common person than some bug landing on you or your food while your trying to enjoy the great outdoors. If people were informed of the role Bats play in maintaining their outdoor comfort than they might be more inclined to be concerned about the plight of bats.  The target audience would be people who: fish, hike, work outdoors, barbarque, camp out, garden, swim, or indulge in any outdoor activity. Home owners would also benefit from having not to contend with a horde of flies and moths invading your house every time you open the door to flip those burgers on the grill.  The second reason of concern is Health. One of the bats main diets is Mosquitos. Mosquitos carry harmful diseases that have killed millions of humans. presently mosquitos have  been spreading then West Nile Virus. Most Coloradans are aware of this, so relating this disease to bats will create concern with people who value their health. Bats also eat flies which are known to carry many diseases, and if their populations are left unchecked could cause any number of plagues. The target group here would be the general public. Informing them that a possible wide spread of disease from flies and mosquitos could occur if bat populations decline may cause interest in the plight of the bats white white nose syndrome. A possible solution is to create an additional page that would have basic information on the pest control that Bats do, and their assistance in limiting the spread of diseases. This page will also include links to sites that have detailed information on the subject. Links to children web sites that educate about bats should be added. Children will learn and ask questions from their parents. This will involve and educate the whole Family. This will also un-demonize the poor little critters, making them friends and allies instead of evil little creatures. And another approach is to create a quick time short showing Mosquitos as they hunt and eat insects while people are enjoying a comfortable outing because of it. This short can be spread through you tube, Facebook, and other social media. It must be attractive and entertaining enough to encourage people to share  it.  


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