How might we improve the website, or add to it in a way that provides visually enticing, understandable, concise messaging about the importance of this problem with the goal of increased public understanding and support?

I remember learning about WNS in my Environmental Conservation class my first semester at CSU. We watched a few videos on the issue and it seemed so sad to me! They had the cutest little faces! We did a similar project on how we can stop the issue as well as prevent it and came up with numerous ideas including the “re-placement” of bats in a clean area where they could be monitored and cared for.

After not thinking about the issue since 2006 when I first learned about it, it was reinstated in my mind when I went hiking at the flat irons in Boulder. My friends told me about a really sweet cave we could hike to, and when we got to the top, the cave was closed off due to WNS. Crazy! It is cool to see that gradually, people are understanding the issue and desperately trying to change it.

The website itself is very informing if you have a good 8 hours to spend reading all the text. I think videos are an accurate way to describe the problem as well as grabbing the audience which could be people of all ages. Pictures are a great way to grab all audiences as well, but could mostly apply to younger kids and students. A social media live feed my also be cool to see what other people are saying as well as keep up with the latest news or issues in your area. All in all, it definitely needs to get rid of the massive amount of text.


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