OBC Website Remake


Next step in OBC website

I think this is getting pretty close to what I want to pitch to the class. I’ve stuck to the original website for the most part but moved some things around and added and changed some others. I think I will still be on track as far as the budget goes and think this new site will adress some of the issues we talked about in class. Any responses would be great even though i’m posting this late Wednesday night.

main pg website

website template

WNS Awearness

Who are they trying to communicate with?

They should be trying to reach Farmers and caver’s to inform them of the impacts on the environment and how the disease is transferred. They should be trying to reach anyone who is in agriculture and they should also start with elementary schools to implement awareness at an early age.

Who is effected by bats and why?

Every one is effected in one way or an other. Prices of food may increase due to the use of more pesticides not to mention the problem with pesticides and water run off. Uncontrolled infestation of  nocturnal insects.

Are bats harmful to humans?

NO they are not!

Here are some preliminary changes to the website that I’m suggesting. Still trying to figure out how to implement with low-budget.

Screen shot 2012-11-15 at 8.17.24 AM

Screen shot 2012-11-15 at 8.17.44 AM

Screen shot 3

sketches for my questions.

These are very rough and are only pointing me in a direction. These are meant to be either mail flyers or postcards for door to door placement on the small budget. Possibly a few billboards and a TV commercial on the larger budget. If I can find the time I would like to make a quick and dirty commercial on my topic. It would have many images of toxic water and dead wildlife and different types of pollutants. It would also have animals and children and family’s. There would be a clear message about how pollutants affect our lives and our environment. It would almost look like a campaign add. Anyway here are the links to my very rough sketches.