Any Questions?

Don’t expect any demonstrations like this from me in class. ūüôā


UpComing Guest Speakers

10/25 РKim Moss, Electronic Publishing Services.  Kim is a Medical Illustrator and has been working in the medical text publishing industry for more than 10 years. Kim will share her experience and discuss current trends in medical and scientific publishing.

11/1 РCatalin Gregorias, PhD.  Dr. Gregorias is director of the media forensics department at CU Denver in the College of Arts and Media.  He will give us an overview of the graduate program in media forensics and will discuss some interesting forensics cases where science and imagery have combined.

11/8 РSteve Humphries.  Steve is a Medical Physicist and currently working toward a PhD in BioMedical Engineering.  Steve will share his extensive experience working with visualization of medical image data.

Field Trip – DMNS – October 18th

We will meet at 11:50 am at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on October 18th for a behind the scenes look with the exhibits team. This should be fun! ¬†Gather at the visitor/volunteer entrance East (left) of the member’s entrance on the North side of the building. The museum is located on Colorado Blvd between 17th and 23rd street on the East side of City Park. ¬†Here is a google map link:¬†

In response to surveys

In response to the surveys most of you filled out in class, I have made a couple decisions.

1. responses to the blog postings are no longer required. this was worth 20% of your grade. half will be moved to the blog postings, and half to your creative exercises in class.

2. blog postings are now due on Wednesday by Midnight (so we all have time to read through them before class on Thursday.

Cheers! Travis